When I was a kid, everyone knew June 6th was D Day. I would always ask my dad, "What is D Day?" He would never explain it to me. As I went through life, I figured it out on my own. The history books do not do justice to World War II. It was a much different time then. Those that didn't get in to the military to fight for the U.S.A. in many cases, took their own lives. The world knew it was going to be a hell of a fight but still joined together to beat Hitler.

Storming the beaches of Normandy must have been a horrific experience. Some men never made it off the boats and entire units were cut down. Then, once you jump into the water, all of your equipment pulls you underwater. Those who couldn't free themselves drowned. Then, once you make it to the beach, it's a hail of bullets and carnage the likes of which the world had never seen. Welcome to D Day. The opening offensive of the allies in World War II.

I bet half our boys were fighting just because of what happened at Peal Harbor. Some were Jewish kids fighting for their people. When they freed the concentration camps, it had to be the most reaffirming feeling in the world to know, all you had battled for, all you had lost was worth the price you paid. I don't think anyone was prepared for the atrocities carried out by the Nazi's on the Jewish people.

A soldier from metro Detroit recently reflected on his D Day experience. Click here to see that.

Check out The Discovery Channel special Surviving D Day to get a greateer appreciation.

The WW II Vets are dying off at around 555 per day and Michigan has the 8th highest total of living WW II Vets in the nation (34,000+). Those stats found here. So, pay attention to the car license plates, pay attention to the hats. The least you can do for the greatest generation is hold a door, buy them a dinner or thank them for thei service. You never know who stormed that beach. They will never forget. Neither should you.

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