Mrs. Pants and I had a blast on our church tubing trip Saturday at Hawk Island Park. We went snow tubing last year at Shanty Creek and couldn't wait for this year. We had 10 in our group, then my buddy Chad brought his 3 kids along for the fun. It was a great bonding experience for Mrs. Pants and I, Chad's kids and me and we got to share an adventure with members of our congregation.

From the Hockemeyer family stash
From the Pants Stash
From the Hockemeyer Family stash

Watch out for kids cutting the line but it is a great experience and we will be doing it again. You can find the St. John's Lutheran Church of Fowlerville on Facebook here.

Here are some videos of our trips down the hill as a group. You may have to log in to Facebook to see the videos. Hey, did you like WMMQ on Facebook yet? 

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