Philly has had the worst fans in all of sports for years. Notoriously negative and entitled, these fans are rabid and the most selfish pricks on the planet. OK, I am going a bit far but they are jerks and I am not the only one who noticed. I submit exhibit A to the jury:

Sunday the Phillies crushed the D-Bags (Diamondbacks) 6-0. During the game, Maikel Franco hit his first career home run. Here is the highlight. See if anything sticks out to you.

This jerk pushes a female fan out of the way so he can snag the ball. What are you 10 Asshat?  EVEN THE ANNOUNCER SAYS: "This IS Philly."

Looks like Captain Arsehole was removed from the game. Hope the ball was worth it.

Just so you know Boston fans, you are the second worst fanbase in my opinion.

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