Remember when you were a teenager, getting ever closer to making your own way in the world...when you had dreams that seemed wild - and maybe attainable? Were those dreams supported by family, friends or your community?

When I was 19 years old, I was working as a community college co-op at Dow Corning in Midland, when one day, my co-worker Dave Ellsworth, asked me "What's you 'dream job?"

Whoah. That was a thing?

I was surprised to hear myself say, "I think it would be fun to be on the radio."

That simple question to a kid, just starting to make her way in the world, led to a shift at the local AM radio station in Midland, to Specs Howard School of Broadcasting in Detroit, to Classic Rock WMMQ in Lansing in 1990. Wow.

That question, and my determined pursuit of the answer, ultimately led me to meeting so many of you - on the phone, on location, online and in many varied and bizarre ways. I have met my best friends and husband through this job, have learned so much from so many of you and watched some of your kids grow up and have their own children.

One of the friends I've met along the way has a son I've also watched grow into a young man with a dream - which he and his friends have worked doggedly to realize.

Cameron Hall (Brighton High School), Elijah Hoene (East Lansing High School) and Brian Griffin (Holt High School) met at a Marshall Music 'Rock Camp' a few years ago and have been playing in a band together named 'The 89th Key' since then.

From their website:

The 89th Key is a variety rock band from Lansing, MI. Their sound ranges from Jimi Hendrix to Imagine Dragons to catch the ear of a wide variety of audiences. They perform in festivals and gigs across the Greater Lansing area and beyond. Founded in 2012, the band has come from playing small gigs to selling out shows and opening for artists including Rick Chyme and Off The Ledge. The trio has played hometown festivals and well-known events such as the Michigan Bluesfest and East Lansing Art Fest for many years. The three won the Holt Talent Competition three years consecutively and they never cease to enjoy the time performing while being sure to deliver the best show they can to their audience. The 89th Key is sure to entertain and please the ears of any audience they play for.

Cameron Hall, son of my friend Curtis Hall, sent me this letter:

Dear Deb,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have our band talked about on air about our upcoming show! It truly is a huge honor to get so much local support while we try to accomplish our dreams. Our band has been together almost five years now, and we have always strived for greatness. Starting off by making little to no money, we just did it for the fun factor. Even now, what’s most important to us is seeing those faces in the crowd light up when we play that one riff they like so much. The Michigan Princess is one of our biggest gigs to date, and it means more to us than many know. We as a band are trying to scrape together enough money to get into the studio to record our first EP, success with shows like this one gives us the push to finally get it done. We are excited to finally get an opportunity to show off our songs, because we are excited to share them.

Thanks again for the publicity. We appreciate the support.

The guys are playing the Michigan Princess, Sunday June 11th, along with 'Synergy'. Listen for your chance to score tickets - or buy yours here. And maybe when you hear them play, it will remind you of those youthful dreams of your own.

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