Move over mosquitoes and stink bugs.

You call it a Murder Hornet, I call it nightmare fuel. This thing has jumped to the top of our "holy crap you gotta be kidding me 2020" meter right over Covid-19 for now.

I'd love to say it's a distraction worthy of Joe Exotic and Tiger King. That scenario however only got Carole Baskin's husband killed. This thing has invaded the good ole US of A and they say could spread to the east coast relatively quickly. Word is it showed up in Washington State in December. And while it is definitely a threat to the honeybee population, you so DO NOT want to get stung by it.


And what do we do in the face of adversity and near death from GIANT ASIAN HORNETS? We flood the internet with memes. Here's some of the best we have found one weekend after we've discovered our summers are gonna suck because this thing looks like it drinks Raid and insect repellent like Gatorade.

Murder Hornet Memes

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