A few years ago, we had our family garage sale. I can't remember why but my wife wanted to prank my sister Jeni. Probably to settle a score.

We went shopping and my wife saw these cheap feminine hygiene wipes. She bought them, removed a few and roughed up the box to give it that used look. She put my sisters name on it and marked it as a dollar. Well, before my sister saw it, someone actually bought it. (Who would buy feminine wipes at a garage sale?) My sister got credit for the dollar and the joke missed.

Last year, I woke up on a mission to get Duran. We went to the store and bought some Vagicaine, the off brand of Vagisil. The Vagisil was like 3 bucks. The off brand was under 2. I choose the off brand for Duran. On the way there, Mrs. Pants wrote on the box "$2 or ask Duran for B.O."

When I showed up, we took the pic in the car and Duran even saw us. He walked us back to the sale and wouldn't leave me alone to place my item. I had to relay the baton to Mrs. Pants who placed it.

I sent the picture to Deb who didn't get what I was trying to do. About 2 hours later I got a text from Duran. "Effing Hilarious!"  He said his fiance found it. Even better.




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