Look, we are not here to judge anyone but we are genuinely curious! Does anyone else do this? What is the reason for this? Just...why!?

Recently, KISS frontman Gene Simmons tweeted pictures of him whipping up a bowl of cereal and it is...interesting, to say the least.

Here in Michigan we can consider ourselves "cereal purists" being that our own Battle Creek has been dubbed "Cereal City USA."

Now it is time to show how serious we are about cereal...are we okay with Gene Simmons doing this?

Also, why is he mixing Oreo cereal with shredded wheat!?

We get if the ice is supposed to make the milk colder...but so does a fridge.

Maybe he could put his bowl in the freezer to make it colder!

Melted ice in your milk and mixed cereal does not sound like our idea of a good way to spend "the most important meal of the day."

We just have so many questions and are more genuinely curious why someone would do this.

If you have any answers for us, feel free to share!

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