It's not just humans looking shaggy. Dogs, cats and pets are looking nappy as well.

Doggone it, the day has come for your pet to get groomed! Michigan's restrictions on pets getting their hair did are being lifted today. Click here for fancy word information. Well, pet grooming returns to Michigan today.

The businesses will have to follow the same COVID-19 safety standards as most other businesses, with requirements for employee screening, infection control and use of personal protective equipment.

So, you may still look like Jim from "Taxi" or Doc Brown from "Back to the Future" but your pets will be looking good. We know the cat has been keeping it's butt hole clean.

It made me think of some Classic funny pet videos. This was one of my all time favorites.

Then of course, Bob, Ed, Goats, Help. I laughed way too hard at this.

Then of course... The Screaming Sheep!

I know this animal won't be getting groomed but he makes the sound I make when I look at a mirror and see my hair every morning.

Again, I hope none of these critters are getting groomed in Michigan but you get a few laughs out of it.


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