Ever get a song stuck in your head ALL DAY?

I am REALLY sorry for this. This will be stuck in your head all day long.

In the comments I posted updates throughout the day. After we turned the music off, she kept singing it and acting it out. We went outside and she JUST kept singing it!

If you don't know, that is my daughter Nugget. She has Down Syndrome and difficulty with speech. We have done speech classes with therapists, music therapy with trained professionals, plus we listen to a lot of music to help get her talking. It has worked. Slowly but surely.

We have been listening to Baby Shark since it came out but yesterday for whatever reason, it was STUCK in her head. She loves "Wheels on the Bus" and the Incy Wincy Spider but this is the first song that I saw stuck in her head. (They call it Incy Wincy because it's easier for kids with speech issues to say that instead of Itsy Bitsy)

She also loves to sing "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon." It's how we taught her to say "me."

She LOVES "The Fox" and is getting better at making all the animal sounds.

To me it just goes to show you, 3 years old or 46, once you get a song stuck in your head... You can NEVER get it out.

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