Have you found yourself in a bit of trouble with your significant other, your family, your boss or anyone else you hold near and dear? We're here to offer some guidance.

Today, according to National Day Calendar, is "National Get Out of the Doghouse Day."

Basically it means it's a day in honor of making amends and trying to win back the favor of someone you may be "in the doghouse" with or, on the flip side, allowing yourself to accept that person's efforts and apologies.

One of the ways National Day Calendar suggests you do this is through face-to-face communication which, let's be real, probably shouldn't happen with all this COVID-19 flying about.

They do also suggest sending flowers, chocolates or a gift but you should really let however badly you screwed up decide the level of gift-giving you should do!

One thing I, personally, suggest would be to consider that person's "Love Language."

Basically the "Love Languages" are how the people you care about and love express that love. This gets broken down into five different categories, so here are those love languages and especially how to express them to a Michigander!

Love Languages: Michigan Style

So if you have found yourself "in the doghouse" recently, maybe think about the "love languages" when crafting your apology in honor of National Get Out of the Doghouse Day!

If you absolutely nail it, then everything is all well and good with that person. If you don't, well then they just are not being a good sport and you can by all means feel like you are better off without them!

We would suggest offering them a Vernor's first...we hear that makes everything better.

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