NOBODY PUTS JOEY IN A CORNER! Except maybe Kate Upton. I did some performing today for some ladies. Deb said "bring in some Irish clothes and do some dancing tomorrow?" You don't have to ask me twice. I got the hat at Big lots... FYI

It's difficult dancing with no music. Also after those 15 seconds, I was plump tuckered out.

Even funnier, the night before, Mrs. Pants told me exactly where the shirt was but I got distracted by something. She brought it down for me about an hour later.

So, the point of the dancing? To try to and snare me a younger vixen with my exotic dance moves? ??? No! It was to invite you to come and try and out dance me and the other contestants at the Claddagh Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day. Deb and I will be doing the show live from 6-10am. We have some SWEET George Killian's Irish Red Golf Bags. These things are sweet! But you have to earn them by dancing. The more you drink, the better you dance! We'll have WMMQ goodies, the tradition Irish breakfast and the start to a fantastic St. Patrick's Day. Cheers!