Can you imagine what would happen if the Detroit Lions were to win the Super Bowl? I shutter the thought! If the 12th Street Riots of 1967 were not bad enough?

The antidote was the World Series of 1968. The community had something to rally around and it seemed to transcend all barriers that were built the year before. At least for a little while.

In a news story from the 1950's, Life Magazine did a story of a group of students went 'Berserk (in a sweet way)' after a big game. So there seems to be ways of celebrating without chaos and destruction. That being said, I am not suggesting we all form a big drum circle and start a chorus of 'Kumbaya', either.

It just amazes me that the fans of San Francisco have taken to the streets with fires and even one shooting, according to a LA Times article. In my opinion, not a way to celebrate.

So in the event the Lions actually make it, and that is a big 'IF!' We have a little time to think and plan our celebration.