From 1966-1973, 16860 LaSalle Avenue in Detroit was the home of legendary Motown songstress Gladys Knight.

Gladys Knight might be thought of as being from Michigan, but she was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1944.

At only seven years old, she won on the old TV show “Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour”, which gave her even more confidence to pursue a singing career.

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After forming The Pips, recording a handful of minor records, and going through various personnel changes, the group moved to Detroit and signed with Motown in 1966.

Once there, Gladys snarfed up a home on La Salle Avenue. This is where she lived when she started racking up hits: “I Heard It Thru The Grapevine”,  “The End Of Our Road”, “If I Were Your Woman”, and “Neither One Of Us” among them.

For a while she also lived on Sherbourne Road, in the upscale neighborhood of Sherwood Forest.

Married four times, Gladys currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

Take a look at her Michigan home below, where she lived during her peak hit-making years, 1966-1973.


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