Get your team together for a golf outing with a good cause! It's the inaugural Cystic Fibrosis Golf Outing at Centennial Acres in Sunfield, just west of Lansing.

If you've heard of Cystic Fibrosis, but never really understood it, you can get a breakdown here at My friend Sunny's 12 year old grandson was recently diagnosed with this disease that affects the lungs and other organs, so instead of sitting around and wringing her hands, she's getting active in helping people understand the disease - AND raise money for research to find a cure!

To help put a face on who this disease touches, along with their friends and families, Sunny shared her grandson Trenton's photo (top), along with pics of some of the other kids in mid-Michigan who have a lot of challenges in front of them as they manage their way through the difficulties presented by CF.

Grab your clubs, gather up your friends and show up for good reasons - AND there's all you can eat BBQ while you're there! if you have questions.