The 48th Annual Red Cedar Jubilee is on in Williamston. Click here for all the details. It's a great time to grab some Brent's Pizza before you hit the beer tent. Brent's has been rocking Williamston since 1976.

We talked a lot about Pizza this week. On the WMMQ Facebook page we asked where you find the best pizza.

Brent's Pizza in Williamston AND Perry both came up.

I have a lot of experience with Brent's in Williamston.

I used to live there and Brent's was really the ONLY place we would get our pizza. Even going back to my time as a kid, after going to the Sun to see a movie, we would always go to Brent's after to grab a pizza.

A few years ago, Brent's brought pizza out for our remote and it was as good then as it was back in the day. Click here to find them on Facebook.