I always try to explain to people how much love and compassion can help someone or something. Not just emotionally. You can see when someone or something is loved.

My cat Meadow was a great example. Here she is when she found us. She was covered in fleas, knocked up and barely clinging to life.

Meadow 1

And here she is not long before she left.


You can see what love and a steady diet did for her. She was a killing machine. The cat was not happy unless she was killing something.

Not long after she found me out by my woodburner, I took her to the Fowlerville Veterinary Clinic, like I did all my kitties. Dr. Nicole Morgan was our doctor. We followed her from Haslett because we LOVED her so much. Well, we LOVED the way she cared for our fur babies. She saw them all. Hunter. Gino. Sambo, Bugsy and Foo. One by one they all left us. All of them lived full, good lives thanks to Dr. Morgan. She is a compassionate doctor. After they all passed, we would always get a sympathy card from the Vet Clinic. Also, my friend Audrey works there and is another amazing, compassionate human with a heart.

It's hard to explain how hard Dr. Morgan fought for our cats. Whether it was cancer or pancreatitis, she was aggressive in her work, thorough and very descriptive. She always let us know what to do, how to do it and had faith back in us. I have been to places and NEVER felt as confident as we were in her.

Meadow got hit in October right before Halloween on our road. It really sucked finding her there on the side of the road but it was much better than watching them slowly fade away.  A few days ago a friend came by and asked... "Where are all the cats?"

"They are all gone. We are Nugget people now."

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

When we get a kitty. We'll be seeing Dr. Morgan again.

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