It's been an extremely lonely time for a lot of people and with Valentine's Day coming up, that feeling of isolation might hit a bit different.

Some people are lucky enough to have been "quarantined" or spending extra time with the person they would consider to be their valentine; however there are just as many who have been alone since the pandemic started. One group, in particular, being those older adults who may or may not be in some sort of care home.

With older folks being among the most high-risk when it comes to COVID-19, they have had to spend a lot more time away from family or visitors and could definitely use a little extra love this "V-day".

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That's why Wish of a Lifetime from AARP is giving us all a chance to join their "Cupid Crew".

According to their website Wish of a Lifetime's Cupid Crew is actually teaming up with the Girl Scouts, local partners and even schools to make and send cards to older adults!

"Each year, Cupid Crew empowers thousands of volunteers across the country to reach out to older adults on Valentine’s Day," Wish of a Lifetime said. "Creating intergenerational connections and sending messages of care and kindness to help combat the negative effects of social isolation."

It is extremely easy to make and send these cards, all you have to do is put in some information, download a card, print it out and then send it out to a loved one! (There are also e-card options available).

What is beautiful about this is you can just call your local nursing home and see if they have names of people who would love to get a Valentine from a stranger.

The nice thing, too, is this is absolutely free! Of course, you could make your own at home, put together treats, or whatever you would like, though you would have to check with wherever you wanted to drop-off to make sure it was okay!

Things like this have to be some of the things I will look back on so positively through all of this, people coming together to do something even as small as sending a Valentine to help someone else smile.

That's what Valentine's Day is all about, LOVE.

While Valentine's Day is a cute reason to do something sweet for someone, here are some other ways you can safely spread smiles (not COVID) every day:

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