I have been able to benefit from my position. When my niece had cancer, I was able to use my job and this medium to let people know. When I had a benefit I wanted people to support, I used the radio and wmmq.com to inform people and raise awareness.

I want to offer the same service to you. So, I did. Now, I have this crazy list of things to get to before I die. (we are all dying , you know)

Up next on the "My Name is Earl" Karma list is: Andrew Dail. He posted this.

Andrew Dail Right here Mr. Pants. I help people that are unable to do there gardening and landscaping. This is such a value to the community and not everyone knows I do this. 


I am not sure how long he and I have been friends but he is one positive dude. He sent me a message after his post.

This is the 5th year I've ran a small business in the Okemos, East Lansing and surrounding areas. I provide professional gardening and landscaping services but my business is more about helping the elderly and busy families that cannot manage their own properties. I'm sending the link to my website. I stay busy on my own because I'm very good at what I do and have built a good reputation for helping people. With that said I'd love the opportunity spread the word about how I help the community. My rates are less expensive than my competition and I'm very good at what I do. Maybe I could give you some help with your landscape and you could share your experience with my small business. My website is listed below and all of my contact information is there. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Here is the link to his website Mr. Backyard. I promise, it's not a dirty site :)

Thank you for being a friend Andrew... Good Luck.

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