In these strange times, it seems like people like to complain more about things than show appreciation for them. I have had enough negativity and want to focus on all the GOOD PEOPLE we do have around us.

I posted about supporting businesses on Facebook.

Click and you'll see, my friend Chad recommended McCardel Restoration. It just so happened Kelli McCardel just celebrated his birthday this week. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELLI!

Ben said:

Restoration has been a very professional and very easy to work with. The biggest thing in my line of work of property management is having a company that can respond quickly and one that also communicates. McCardel has done both on multiple occasions. It is never a good situation to be in when a catastrophe or emergency hits, but this company helps make it an easier one

Chris said:

McCardel did a wonderful job building out an office space for me. Although they specialize in damage work (which I didn't have) I can tell by the way they conducted themselves throughout the process that they are probably pretty good at whatever they do. They were on time, on budget, they communicated well and when they brought in subcontractors for detail work they were excellent too. Give these guys a try!

I know who I'll be calling... 4100 Hunsaker Dr, Ste D East Lansing, Michigan 48823

(517) 339-3473

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