Back in February, I asked on my Facebook who needed some free publicity.

My friend Jacquelyn Marie Klein said:

M&MS Farms in Williamston.
We do animal therapy with horses and donkeys for those in need: elderly, young kids, people with disabilities, anyone!
We do riding lessons, driving lessons, and we just have fun! Vet bills have been an unfortunate thing for us lately with two recent surgeries.

This is how they describe their services.

Natural Horsemanship is our chosen way of training horses and donkeys. It's working in sympathy and partnership, using kindness, gentleness, extensive groundwork, positive reinforcement, and trust building to evoke the equine's natural desire to please a human. It's focusing on "reading" the equine, clearly communicating, being fair and consistent, and finding solutions. On the Farm and on the road, we: evaluate, consult, resolve problem behaviors, improve existing skills, and teach new skills for horses and donkeys, from birth to adulthood. And we actively involve the owner.

The address is 1180 Linn Road Williamston, Michigan 48895

Their phone number is (517) 655-4267


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