The title of this article is a bit deceiving. Nadine does NOT work at the Williamston Post Office but she is a heck of good person. She nominated the Post Office for some "Good" publicity after an incident.

Nadine said this on social media when I asked about someone who deserved some FREE promotion:

Williamston Post Office... a package was delivered to another address. The staff found the location it was mistakenly delivered to, and the mail carrier went to the home, delivered it to me with a hand written apology, taking responsibility. They did all this in a matter of less than an hour, and were very professional in the way the remediated the situation 😊
(💕small towns, “Billtown”)

Nadine is a professional lady and deserves some above and beyond treatment. Thanks to the Williamston Post Office for going above and beyond!

Nadine has gone above and beyond for us.

She was there when my daughter was born in 2016 and helped us while we were in the RNICU. After my daughter had choking issues a few months ago, Nadine did the swallow study and gave us much needed help. She is like a part of the Pants family.

Don't forget the Red Cedar Jubilee is going on the rest of this week in Williamston!

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