I have known the Lott family in Webberville for as long as I can remember. Josh Lott was my first friend I met in preschool when I was 4 years old. My friend Josh had a little brother Nate. I use little lightly, Nate is like 6-6 now.

When we were younger, we use to show pigs at the Ingham County Fair and through the years, Nate has continued to be a great friend doing great things in our community. Earlier this year, he and his family stopped to help local legend William Wheeler take down his nativity scene. It's a big nativity scene. Mr. Wheeler is getting up there in age and he really appreciated the help. Mr. Wheeler is a man who has helped the community his entire life.

Nate did some work for us last year and we were very pleased. He also resided and roofed my parents house. He also recently did a remodel for Ellie's Country Kitchen in Williamston.

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