I have known Brian Stiffler for every single one of those 30 years. We played football together back in Webberville. Back in 1988, his mom Ellie Stiffler took over the place. My sister Jamie was one of the cooks. Now, it's his baby. They just had a remodel but the food is as great as it always has been. Check out the remodel done by Nate Lott and L & L Family Construction LLC.

Brian is a GREAT guy. Back in 2014, my niece had brain cancer and we wanted to do a benefit. So, Brian and his twin brother Ben, sprung into action. They wanted to host a benefit dinner and give all the money to my brother and his sick daughter. November 9th, 2014 we held Kickin' It For Kailynn. Brian, told his suppliers about the situation, got the food at a reduced cost. Then, for 4 hours, the staff at Ellie's Country Kitchen served nearly 600 people. The place holds about 65 people. It was an outpouring of love and support. I believe it had a lot to do with why my niece is still doing so well. "Jorgensen farms elevator was buying like 20 meals to go at a time." Brian said. I was running around and never REALLY saw all that people did for us. I will NEVER forget this. My wife said she it wouldn't have been much of a benefit without their help. I honestly believe my brother would have lost his house without all that people did.

About Ellie's now. I worked there too as a dishwasher in my early years. Treva is one of the servers. She is a frequent caller and winner on the show. I always ask her what the specials are and SHE ALWAYS has her pants on.

The place is known to host benefits for local charities but I know Brian did something special for my family. The Stiffler family is my family. Ellie's Country Kitchen is equally as special.

Stop in for the ALL YOU CAN EAT Friday Night Fish Fry. You can keep up with Ellie's on Facebook by clicking here. 

Thanks Brian and Ellie's for helping make Williamston great.

From the Pants Stash