A few years back, the morning show used to do the Halloween Costume Contest for Dogs. So, someone approached me about doing a Halloween Costume Contest for Humans. It was a load of fun and we ended up doing it for 3 years. One of the contenders every year was Koz. This guy has the craziest Halloween costumes you have ever seen. He goes from show to show taking home money. That is how I got to meet him.

Koz has his own DJ service and asked me to give him some free promotion. He is always nice to me so, check out my man Koz and his party service! 

From the Koz Stash
From the Koz

He is a very energetic, good dude that could provide the life of your next party. I don't know if he will be in one of his many costumes but if you throw him a few extra bucks...

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