You know it's a wild weekend when Guy Fieri makes an appearance...

Okay, so maybe it wasn't really Guy was me doing my own rendition of the flaming-frocked king of "Flavortown."

This weekend Jordan and I made our annual trip to the St. Louis, Missouri area for "Hallowfest" a night full of fun hosted by our family friends Phil and Laura.

Every year, Hallowefest is a big deal at "Club B." Now, before anyone gets mad I was out "clubbing" over the weekend, I should note "Club B" is really just an extremely nice, amazing bar in Phil and Laura's basement.

While it has the look and feel of a real club, it's great to not have to leave the comforts of home to have a great time.

We decided this year to go down there a day early so we could really enjoy our time and so our friends could show us a few of their favorite local joints!

Thursday night we rolled into Defiance which is about 30-40 minutes outside of St. Louis and Phil and Laura treated us to a trip through their book of traditional tiki drinks that they call the "Tiki Bible" that is full of recipes and stories by Trader Vic.

Let me tell you, I had never had your typical bar's mai-tai before but the original, traditional one will be impossible to beat!

Friday, we got up and ventured out into the countryside where we stopped at a favorite winery and another distillery to get the infamous "Pinckney G&T" that Phil has made for me before.

Saturday was the day of the party and while Jordan and I usually crush the couple's costume game, we did have to stray from the plan.

See, we both were supposed to be Guy Fieri but Jordan's costume just did not come together as well as mine did.

Here's a look at how that went:

Mait's St. Louis Hallo-Weekend

It's safe to say we had an awesome time and I still can't look at the pictures of my costume without cracking up.

The best part was when I had to take off my wig only to still walk around with my goatee. Jordan still would not kiss me because he said I looked like Tommy Shaw and others compared me to Joe Dirt.

Either way, I love every man I ended up being that night, loved the man I was with and loved our 2020 Hallowfest trip!

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