Back in 2015, I was trying to sell my beater car, I got a call from Tommy Pratt. He came out and bought my old Chevy Cavalier for a crisp hundred dollars. He said he was going to likely use it in the Red Cedar Jubilee Derby. Then, he asked if I would emcee it. I remembered watching the derby and going there when I was a kid. I knew it wasn't as big as it used to be and wanted to help. Tommy REALLY wanted to make memories for kids like we had and still does. Every year he asks me to come back but since I have become a father, it hasn't worked out yet.

Now, Tommy runs Pratt Automotive on the east side of Williamston. He says at Pratt Automotive

I strive to provide quality auto repair at a fair price.

Tommy is one good dude who gives back to his community. I am sure he learned that from his dad Tom Pratt Sr. who was also driving in the demolition derby I announced.

If you are looking for good, honest automotive help around Williamston, these guys are good people.

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