Goose Golfer Courtesy Devon Pitts

Wolf Creek Golf Course in Adrian hosted the Madison Tournament for high school golfers this past weekend.

During play Saturday, after teeing off, Isaac Couling of Concord High School was walking the fairway on Hole 7 with his group when they passed by a goose nest. And a goose guarding the nest.

The goose guard rushed Couling, he attempted to flee, but probably it's a bit of a challenge running from an angry goose while you've got a bag full of clubs on your back!

Goose Golfer 2 Courtesy Devon Pitts

Devon Pitts of Blissfield High School happened to be at the ready and demonstrated some stunning photography skills, capturing the rush, the trip and the attempted recovery. D'oh!

Goose Golfer 3 Courtesy Devon Pitts

Not sure how Couling finished for the day with his golf score, but he wasn't physically harmed. Hopefully he's able to appreciate the humor of it.

Hoping for good stories from Joey's golfing adventures this season.

Goose: 1

Teenager: 0

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