Driving past Opdyke Road and M-59 as a youngster sure was a much cooler thing then than it is now. The Pontiac Silverdome is a perfect example of the flight and blight pattern that plagues many of Michigan's urban areas. Once a great, awe-inspiring piece of architecture, the ol' girl has been relegated to a glorified recycling bin. Long gone are the days of Barry Sanders, Billy Sims, and Lomas Brown bringing cheers and false hope to Lions fans. No Isiah Thomas, Vinnie Johnson, and BIll Laimbeer to construct the "baddest" hoops squad basketball has ever seen. No Michigan Panthers, no Elias Brothers concession stands. No Rolling Stones or Metallica concerts. No WrestleMania. No tailgate parties at the Featherstone/Opdyke lot, no wind shears as you walk through the turnstile doors.

But, there is still a lot of history, and some really cool things hiding inside the weed infested property. And, you can own some of it. The property owner, Triple Investment Group, is contracting with RJM Auctioneers to clear out the remaining contents. Here's a link to the list of items available. There's some really cool things in there for collectors, scrappers, and even restaurateurs, including an entire Sporturf Soccer Field, a Zamboni turf mover, trucks, heavy equipment, beer taps, and commercial restaurant equipment; a stadium's worth of A/V equipment, football goal posts, a boxing ring, and a Detroit Pistons Scoreboard.

Do you see anything that you would like to get your hands on?