It really bugs me when I see someone not wearing a mask correctly. Why even bother if you aren't going to cover your nose? Leaving the bottom of your mouth exposed. The mask doesn't work if you don't wear it right. Does the mask work anyway? It really is our only current defense.

I went into a store the other day and people were taking their masks off once they got in the store. This infuriated me. It was hard not saying something but I don't want to die.

I know a lot of people are pissed on both sides. I don't know how me wearing a mask and trying to protect myself insults others political beliefs? But I felt a hell of a lot better going in a store when I found out everyone had to wear a mask. The illusion of safety? No doubt but I feel and the majority of people feel safer to go out.

Now, the Governor has ordered the State police to start enforcing the COVID executive orders. It has resulted in over 2,600 fines in Detroit of 100 bucks. Are they trying to find a way to make up for some lost money? No, it's the only way to get people to stop. Laws. We had to have a Stay Home order because people weren't listening. Now, we have to worry about slipping and not having our mask on in public or face a hundred dollar fine.

While some police agencies won't enforce the laws, businesses who don't comply could have their licenses revoked for repeated violations. Click here to read more.

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