I love it when I hear people complain about what they eat in China. In America, the hot dog is the bat soup. You REALLY have no idea what's in there but they are part of America and today is NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!

Did you know the home of the Coney Dog is Jackson, Michigan? I hate coney dogs but like George Michael in a rest area... I LOVE CHOKING down a good wiener.

The BEST one in the area is at Spartan Stadium. It is like steak on a bun and they steam them at the stadium. Even the bun is steamed. Don't put mustard on my wiener, thank you. I like mine with ketchup and loaded with onions. That is my preferred choice of cooking a weenie.

The Hebrew National Dogs at Comerica Park is my favorite baseball dog. They are kind of small so you may have to get 2. Then wash them down with ones of the most expensive baseball stadium beers in the nation.

In our house if you look through the fridge doors, you'll discover we are an Oscar Mayer Wiener family. Chili Dogs are banned in our home but corn dogs are welcome! The key to a good corn dog is make sure it's a chicken dog. The way it mixes with that corn meal is magical. Mix it up with some Fiske Fair fries and I am in redneck heaven.

Grab a wiener! Celebrate National Hot Dog Day. Don't ask what they are made of.

REALLY don't watch any videos on the internet about it.

Here are all the chains offering to stuff a free wiener in your mouth.

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