In a report by MLIVE, it appears former members of the iconic Michigan Band Grand Funk Railroad, are at each other again. The report states that former bassist Mel Schacher and Drummer Don Brewer are suing former front man guitarist and singer - songwriter, Mark Farner for an infringement of a 2004 court order that limits Farner's use of the Grand Funk name for his own promotional use.

Brewer and schacher currently tour with a host of other formers as Grand Funk Railroad but fail to mention that the band is less than original. Members include guitarist Bruce Kulick of temporary KISS fame and a short time .38 Special singer, Max Carl, whose soft vocals on "This Heart Needs A Second Chance" gave the band a taste of success on the AC charts in 1988.

Having seen both original and current GFR lineups, you cannot beat what Mark Farner brings to the band.His infectious energy, crisp vocals that have withstood the test of time and the fact that without him, it's not the same.  If ll you want is to hear the hits done by someone else, then you won't mind the current touring edition.

See for yourself!

Mark Farner visits the WMMQ studios.
Mark Farner visits the WMMQ studios.


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