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Google Maps Courtesy Photo

11/30/17 UPDATE: It has been confirmed that it was indeed Norovirus that sickened over 40 people who dined at the Log Jam Inn in Grand Ledge last week.

11/29/17: WLNS reports that the Log Jam restaurant in Grand Ledge underwent a major cleaning and tossed out prepared foods after reports surfaced of an apparent Norovirus outbreak, though test results are still pending.

The first complaints of the bug that creates nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting came a week ago today, November 22nd. Twenty-four people made reports to the Barry-Eaton County Health Department, but there may have been other cases that weren't officially reported.

The #1 way to avoid spreading this ick you'll wish you never encountered is to WASH YOUR HANDS with soap and water after using the bathroom or changing a baby's diaper and before preparing food or eating.



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