During this time a lot of people are out of work and because of that Michigan is trying to help the businesses that were hit hardest: the restaurant industry. According to MLive, grants of $500 will be awarded to approved applicants who were furloughed or lost their job in the hospitality industry.

The grants will help to assist employees of restaurants and lodging businesses that have been laid off because of the stay-at-home order and the closing of non-essential business. Michigan's restaurant industry lost close to an estimated $500 million in sales during the first three weeks of March. Along with the loses in business restaurant and lodging industries lost over 72,000 jobs during that time too.

The grants are coming from the Michigan Hospitality Industry Employee Relief Fund, which was created by The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association Educational Foundation. All hospitality employees are eligible to apply but you must provide proof of employment in the hospitality industry on March 10th, along with proof that you lost your job or got furloughed. If you are eligible for a grant you will receive the money, but you have to hurry up because the grants will only be given out as long as there is money in the fund.

You can see the grants and apply for one here.

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