Thanks to my friend Julie Hath for sharing this post on Facebook.

Every year, I drive through the town of Webberville around a holiday and wonder, who did all this work?

I used to announce the Ox Roast Parade and would always make announcements for the Webberville Garden Club but I never really go to know who they were. I LOVE gardening but I am sure they use me as the example of how NOT to garden.

This Memorial Weekend, the town looked so nice thanks to the efforts of the Webberville Garden Club. Some I know, some I don't.

Webberville Garden Club

I loved seeing the Hope signs and the beauty. Thanks for all of your hard work and inspiration Webberville Garden Club! Thanks to all who sacrifice for their town without screaming look at me. This is what pride in your town looks like. It's classic to do something good and not get recognized for it. I am not trying to steal that from them, I want the young people to see selfless sacrifice can also at least get you on a radio station website :)

Big THANKS to Julie Hath for helping and sharing all the names. It's nice to know the people who did that work and recognize their contributions.

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