I have known Steve Hanna almost my entire life. My parents played softball with him when I was a kid. For a time, we went to the same church. Whenever I need car parts, he's the guy I go see. He owns Grampy's Auto Parts in Fowlerville.

My moms brakes on her van were grinding. She asked me this weekend to see if I could fix them. Well, it had been a while since I had done brakes. I didn't have 2 of the tools I needed. A C-clamp and a 7mm Allen wrench. I needed to get new pads and obviously a new rotor. When my dad and I went in, we put down the Allen Wrenches and C clamp first. Steve said, I have something for you to borrow.

Pants pic

It is the ultimate brake doing kit. A C-clamp tool and a Allen wrench included. So, Steve turned down a 30 plus dollar sale to make my brake doing experience that much easier. I got a hell of a deal on pads and a rotor too!

I went home and rocked out the job in about an hour. While testing the brakes, I drove back to Grampy's to drop off the tool and get a picture with Steve. He was out on a part run.

I'm sure he knows my dad is a very loyal guy and going to do business with someone he knows. He could have just charged him for the tools and went on his way. Taking the extra step, he not only insured my dad would be a customer for life but that I would be too. Thanks Grampy!