Congratulations to Michigan rockers Greta Van Fleet for scoring their first Grammy last night. They beat out Alice in Chains, Fall Out Boy, Ghost and Weezer with their album "From the Fires." If you ask some of your friends, they will say Greta Van Fleet sucks. I bet your friend doesn't have a Grammy winning album. Led Zeppelin only had one. That was for Celebration Day. The reunion concert film from 2012.

It is also a fun Grammy fact that Led Zeppelin lost the Grammy for Best New Artist to Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Bob Seger also has one Grammy for "Against the Wind."

When I was in Frankenmuth recently, a friend said the basement of the Bavarian Inn has a tribute to Greta Van Fleet. I was broadcasting live at Zehnder's and didn't want to risk it but I will soon.

I am proud of Greta Van Fleet. Their music has enhanced my life and they deserved a Grammy. I bet there will be more than one.

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