My baby is growing up so fast. Nugget has outgrown the house and is ready for new adventures. She is always grabbing my hand and trying to lead me outside. She is telling us, "I'm bored."

Yesterday we had our first playgroup with other kids outside of our comfort zone and it was bit tougher on daddy than her. We got there and right away, Nugget LOVED it. She loved being outside, even in that heat. She always tries to hug other kids. As cute as it is, it's funny to see the other kids reactions. We met a few kids before class and then the playgroup started.

There were bikes, toys, games, books and all kinds of activities. One activity, was like a water station with floating toys, balls and letters. I was watching as another kid kept taking Nugget's ball. I saw it happen twice. Then, I just took the ball from him and gave it back to her. That is when I heard: "We let the kids play here."

Then, I had the realization: I am a helicopter parent.

It was our first experience and I'll get better. Stepping back will be hard but I have to let her grow. I was so proud how she jumped in there and wasn't afraid. I wish I could say the same for daddy.

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