I think WMMQ should become THE HALLOWEEN STATION. Playing all the genres of music in October. Much like our sister station will start playing the Christmas crap, we could have a solid month of Halloween music. Maybe that would be a bit much but at least one week!

I have been dedicating my posts to the amazing Classic Rock Halloween music collection.

We will wrap up the fun tomorrow with songs about the Devil and songs about Hell.

Now, lets focus on magic. Back in the 70's some magic s#!* looked pretty awesome airbrushed on to a van with no windows in the back. We have 3 awesome songs about Wizardry.

This may actually be a better song...

Then Pinball Wizard. The Who's version wasn't very Halloweeny... This one is straight acid trippy.

So, the source of a wizard's strength is magic and Classic Rock has a TON of songs about magic. Few more out there than "Hocus Pocus" by Focus. This is awesome!

There are a lot of songs about magic but only certain songs fit the Halloween vibe. Strange Magic has a Halloween feel to it.

The best Halloween song about Magic goes to Santana. Let's rock around the cauldron.

This song always gets played and people ask about it. Bloodrock. DOA. Dead on Arrival. It's a haunter.

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