It was almost surreal yesterday as we were wrapping up our Sparrow Tailgate Show. Two of the greatest running backs to ever play in the Big 10 came walking up, togehter. Lorenzo White, the leading rusher in the history of MSU football and Jamie Morris, the one time career leader in all purpose yards at Michigan.

It's been a while since I turned into a kid. I have met Lorenzo on several occasions and he is always nice and willing to chat with us. Jamie, was just as nice, fired up about Michigan and complimentary of coach Dantonio.

It was one of those rare moments that I just grabbed my camera and started taking pics. I offered up my headset to a Wolverine and I felt good about it. This was by far the coolest moment for me in the years of me doing the Tailgate Show. Even Nick had me snap a picture of he and Jamie.

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