Thanks to the efforts and purse strings of the Lansing State Journal, new details have emerged from the investigations surrounding former Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III. The newspaper released its findings after receiving investigation reports through a Freedom Of Information Act request.

In the article, it states that some employees within the prosecutor's office had questions for years about some of Dunnings' actions. There are details about Dunnings appearing in court to testify in support of suspects that were tied to his extra-marital affairs with escorts and prostitutes. Dunnings had staffers do legal favors for individuals in question. Charges against some of the questioned individuals were dismissed inexplicably. And, these are just a few of the items revealed.

But, we can all feel better about a sign of Dunnings practicing safe sex throughout his years of purported debauchery. During a search of his office on the day of his arrest, investigators found condoms in his desk drawer.

Check out the full lowdown on the drama from LSJ here.