Do you ever get the feeling Hollywood is exploiting Christmas for financial gain?

I love the Grumpy Cat but a Grumpy Cat Christmas movie? Someone has clearly broken into the liquor cabinet.

How about Christopher Walken as Hook in a Broadway production on television?

This is nothing compared to what the Hallmark Channel has to offer. Andy Eagle hooked me up with this link. It is a Christmas watching schedule of all the CRAP that is using Christmas to push their message. Click here to see all the crap.

Oh, man! This year, Kirk Cameron has a Christmas turd to drop on America.

Here are thew film school rejects 10 worst Christmas Movies ever. I disagree with some. Click here to see the list. 

Here are my top 10 Christmas movies from last year. It pretty much stays the same. Click here to check out my top 10. 

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