It is crazy to think we have only been partners for four months but I am so thankful for you, so I'm going to get mushy.

Safe to say it has been a crazy time and I knew coming into this position it would be completely different from anything I have done before but I am so thankful for how welcoming, patient and friendly you have been in this time.

When I first accepted the job as your co-host back in November, I will admit I was so nervous.

I was nervous to make the jump from being more behind-the-scenes where I was comfortable at the Free Beer and Hot Wings show to being a full-fledged host and I was nervous about how to fit in where there was already such a loyal following.

Now, you probably already know, I'm a pretty sentimental person so this post is really just a long way to thank you and tell you I am so happy you were brought into the world on this day.

Hearing your story and hearing all about your family, your career and all the adventures you have had in this life is so inspiring. It makes sense why so many people in the WMMQ audience have come to love and appreciate you.

You are such a positive force and you show people that there is happiness and laughter in even the smallest moments.

In the short time we have had to get to know each other and build our show together, you have become someone I absolutely consider a friend.

As I mentioned earlier, you have been so patient and supportive with me as I work to make the adjustment to being a host and I can't thank you and our company, Townsquare Media enough.

You have also shown me that no matter what you have been through, people can relate and appreciate what you bring to their days.

I am an extremely positive person too and I thank you so much for how much fun you have brought to my life. I look forward to everything that is in store for our show and hope you have the best birthday, despite our "quarantined" status!

"May the fourth be with you," my friend, this universe is better because you're in it!

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