Ever dream about living out a Harry Potter fantasy?

There is a mansion here in Michigan, that I believe will make you feel like you're in a Harry Potter movie. If it doesn't give you those vibes, then you'll definitely agree it is from a time of elegance, even if it was only completed in 2001. 

Take a look inside the mansion, and prepare to fall in love.

Wait, did we mention, it is a lake house too?

Take A Look Inside This Michigan Mansion That Seems To Be Out Of A Harry Potter Movie

Maybe you'll see something else out of the house. However, the type of vibe I got from it was straight out of the castle of Hogwarts. I need to stay off Zillow and stop looking at these lakefront homes, but can you blame me? Take a look inside and see if you agree or disagree.

Fancy enough to house a Princess and a Prince, even Dracula himself, what did you think?

My favorite part of this mansion was the repetitiveness of the high ceilings and chandeliers.

Frankly, I didn't know Michigan had much of a market for Mansions. Until I changed some settings on Zillow, I didn't see too much. Looking around, you'll definitely find yourself a little shocked.

You don't just see mansions on a random drive out and about either.

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