Have you noticed that the flag-waving man from Haslett hasn't been on the streets lately? Judy Putnam has a story here in the Lansing State Journal that says she was asked to do some 'investigating' as to the whereabouts of 'The Flag Man of Haslett'.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Colin Campbell of Haslett is a Vietnam War Veteran who had been a regular fixture along Marsh Road in Haslett for years, waving an American flag at passing vehicles with his trusty dog nearby.

After a bit of legwork, Putnam discovered that Campbell, who is now 70 years old, has been bothered by arthritis. He reportedly had a few tumbles this past winter. Hip surgery is in the near future for him.

When people wonder why Campbell spends so many days smiling and waving along the streets of Meridian Township, he says he does it with the hope of making someone's day a little better.




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