A recent study wanted to see how favorite horror movies varied by each state and found that we here in Michigan share ours with the most states on the list.

With Halloween drawing nearer, fall in full swing and the weather cooling down, it is the perfect time to get spooky! If you are a big horror movie fan, you know the feeling of the beautiful irony behind getting joy out of getting scared.

Horror movies are a staple among cinema buffs, but we guess we never really thought about how each state could have a collective favorite.

Kill The Cable Bill says one reason a state as a whole could have a favorite horror movie is simply because of it's filming location. They cite Colorado as an example and their favoritism in the horror flick, "The Shining."

So what is Michigan's favorite horror film? Well along with D.C., New Jersey and Texas, Michigan's favorite horror movie is "The Devil's Backbone."

Now I've never seen or really even heard about this film but apparently plenty of you have!

Kill The Cable Bill says they partnered with Mindnet Analytics to come up with the data for their findings using information from Rotten Tomatoes and Google Trends.

They say they used a list of the "top 200 best horror movies" they got from Rotten Tomatoes, which set a list of "candidate movies" to apply to each state.

From the data, they were able to assess the search frequencies for certain movies and determine which ones were searched more in certain states compared to others.

Therefore, because Michiganders searched "The Devil's Backbone" more than any other states (not including D.C, New Jersey and Texas), it has been deemed Michigan's favorite horror movie in 2020.

I'm sure many of us would probably disagree with the findings as we all have our own favorites we are willing to fight for, here are some horror movies actually made in Michigan that may be more of a favorite than "The Devil's Backbone":

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