We all have lost loved ones and death is not a laughing matter. But seriously, the best funerals are when people leave laughing. Larry Allen had the best one I have ever been to. Jane Aldridge did a masterful job of capturing the essence of Larry.

I have seen people memorialized on a lot of cars recently. Not on the BMW's or Mercedes. Some pretty rusted out buckets.

A few years ago, I was at the Ingham County Fair and parked next to this truck.


I was a bit confused. It's a remarkable tribute to an unnamed dad or deer who was a good dad. We'll never know cuz someone half assed it. Nice rack, though.

The other day, I was ordering a case of 30 sliders from White Castle in Howell and I saw this one. Rest in Peace Mzz Taya... Heaven's Queen. Do you think Mzz Taya would have approved of this picture? Kind of looks like she is looking towards heaven... Where she is queen.


It got me thinking, what picture would you like to have people put on their car to honor you? I would LOVE for you to share one with me so I can get started on my memorial.

Post them in the comments or send them to joey@wmmq.com.

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