This was a gem that I found scrolling through the internet this weekend and it is everything you could want from a 1990s commercial. Whether you have lived in Lansing your whole life or have just lived here a few years, like me, you will love this commercial. I'm not sure for how long it aired on TV, but I assume not past 1999.

I did notice several Lansing landmarks still around now as well as saw some that are no longer in the city. See if you can identify all of the Lansing places shown in the commercial, because all I can identify are: Potter Park Zoo, the downtown stadium (whatever it was called in 1994), as well as a shot looking down Michigan Ave (with a great shot of an older Lansing police car)

YouTube: Peter Spadafore
YouTube: Peter Spadafore

The real reason you should watch the commercial is because of the amazing 1990s jingle that is played. It is so 90s that it will probably get stuck in your head after one watch and you'll be singing it all day. So enjoy and remember to #LoveLansing.

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