I am trying so hard to age gracefully and deny that midlife crisis. So many things remind me, even though I may feel and act young... I am an old man. Just a few years away from 50.

Some call it experience but on social media, Reddit specifically, people are sharing moments when they say "WOW, I am old!"

It happens all the time but a few moments stick out. Last year, when I met my new co-host Maitlynn, she told me how old she was and it hit me... She is young enough to be my daughter. Later, we were discussing people and I brought up Fyvush Finkel. Maitlynn wasn't sure who he was but asked when he died, I said 2016. She said "so Five-ish years ago." I laughed but felt my age.

Last week, I was walking outside and fell in the dark. I lacerated my left shin and bruised a rip on the fall. Falling also showed up on Reddit:

"When I fell down at work and no one laughed, instead three people came running over to make sure I was okay."

"I found myself grunting and groaning to bend over to tie my shoes."

I usually fart if I bend over too fast.

When you need a young person to show you how to use technology.

My appreciation for silence and the breeze, my contentment with mediocrity have developed over the past few years. I have come to realization, ALL OF MY DREAMS ARE NOT GOING TO COME TRUE! Now, just become bitter, jaded and work on shaking my fist at the youngsters in the neighborhood.

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