Cord Trunk

A co-worker knocked on the studio door just before 6:00 this morning to inform me that "...there's something hanging out of your trunk...looks like an electrical cord."

Indeed, all true. This morning I put the family air hockey game in my trunk to see if a co-worker's young sons might want to use it, since it wasn't being used in our house and was taking up a decent amount of real estate. And yes, when pulling out of the driveway, I noticed a third track in the snow of something, dragging between my tire tracks, but obtusely assumed it was something on the bottom of my car, despite putting the game in my trunk moments before.

So, we're working on Monday, Part Two, it seems.

Reminds me of the trail of toilet paper on the shoe incidents that are usually awkward, even though they happen to so many of us. A friend was telling me that just happened to her and she was walking around with a LOOOONNNG toilet paper tail for hours.



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