Being a kid is fun. We had few responsibilities growing up, to a certain age. We lived carefree. As kids we weren't worried about bills, mortgages, medical bills, gas prices, car payments and so on. I loved being a kid and I played, a lot.

We had a "hobby" store where I grew up. It was called the "Hobby Horse". This place was awesome. They had models, paints, glues, remote control cars, Legos, train sets, model rockets and just about anything that was cool when I was growing up. They were the first store that carried "big boy" R/C cars in my hometown.

I would ride my bike down to the shop, almost everyday, and walk around. I was enamored by the number of items they offered and since I was a kid I compiled a healthy list of toys, models and trains that I wanted to purchase. Train sets were my thing, I had an HO scale train at home. I really got into models too. Early on I would build those with my dad. We would be very careful when building them, lines were straight, paint was on point and when it was ready for the decals, we didn't disappoint. I took a lot or pride in building my models, had fun doing it and created some fond memories with my dad.

If you were into hobbies growing up, they still exist. Remember those memories from growing up? You could have fun creating those yourself with your children.

I went to Owosso recently and they have a hobby shop in Owosso. It's called Dean's Hobby Stop. I kid you not, they have thousands of models for you to choose from. Sadly, I was informed that they may be closing soon. Get out and support them if you can or take a walk down memory lane looking at all the cool models they have for sale.

Dean's Hobby Stop

Cool things to purchase at Dean's.

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